One Week ago

by | Mar 21, 2022 | Updates

It’s hard to believe that exactly one week ago today at this time, I was having a tumor cut out of my brain.  Here I am 8 days later at home, doing my best to use both hands to type.  I’ve included the grossest and most fascinating pic of my brain.  I’ve also included a pic of Dr. Mueller and my CMH Katie, his PA.  I will post a pic of the Marvelous Dr. Max Krucoff after my clinic meeting on the 29th.

Being home is the best medicine in the world! It feels so good to sleep in my own bed!!!!!

I want to comment on how important it is to never forget how important you may think your occupation is in this world.  While my overwhelming experience with froedtert has been superb.  There was one person who had a very negative effect on my recovery.  I’m talking to YOU ALYson Y, FRONT DESK check in PERSON.  Alyson MADE MY LIFE DIFFICULT YESTERDAY.  ANYONE who knows me, knows I’M a rule follower by nature so I completely understand rules are in place not just for me but everyone! but when you have a patient who hasn’t slept in 2 days and her husband is 15 minutes early because he’s part of her care team and you refuse to let him in and he’s on the phone with his wife and she’s crying you need to use some of your brain and not call security on the husband because the distraught patient is chewing your ass out on the phone!!!

The only good thing that came from this is that it prompted me to really fight to go home. I’m not calling Alyson out to create any issues for her but only in the hopes that she might learn from this and never do it to anyone else. I’m far from fragile but not everyone is as willing to push back.

Huge thank you to Dr.Del Toro for really listening to and hearing me and advocating for my return home.  I am so grateful for your care!!!

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