Lighten Up, Francis!

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We all have that one trusted friend with whom we can discuss anything and everything. At least, I’m hoping everyone who’s reading this has that. It’s that friend you can say anything to without being canceled or judged. It’s the friend who knows when you say something that would be generally considered politically incorrect or socially unacceptable, that you mean no harm and are honestly just kidding and are looking for a laugh. This includes texts back and forth to each other along with shared memes.

I’m fortunate to have a few such friends one of whom truly appreciates my – at times – inappropriate sense of humor.

But this got me wondering: Will Jesus read these texts out loud to me someday?
When I stand before Him – God willing – will He go back through my texts and say:

“Julie – you’ve been mocking people for years! Maybe not to their face, but certainly behind their backs”.


Will God admonish me for the gift of humor He blessed me with because I forwarded memes of people who have fallen down and tripped and I can’t stop laughing at them? I don’t laugh out of hatred, but I often just can’t help myself! I’ve even gotten into the habit of writing “I’m going to hell” when I send them to my understanding friends because I know they’ll laugh as well (otherwise I wouldn’t send them).

But I honestly wondered this morning:


Is it really my fault so many people in this world make it easy for me to laugh? I mean, I feel it’s a disservice not to find the humor in this world, that’s so easily offered up by those with little common sense or physical coordination.

The state of this country – nay, the world – is almost comical!

I think if we don’t find a way to laugh at some of the absurdities, we’d cry pretty much non-stop. I’m hoping that maybe through humor, we can come back together and not be so divided. That used to be what comedians were able to do….before they were canceled. EVERYONE is so offended by every little thing these days. I think we’ve forgotten that it’s okay to laugh at each other.

I’m not one for making fun of people who have zero control over a situation or things they can’t change. And mocking children has always been and WILL always be off-limits to me.

But I do wish we as a people, could lighten up a bit and laugh at some of the stereotypes that are out there and not take every little thing as some sort of personal attack.

I’ll finish up with this clip from Stripes which drives my point home:

I sure hope Jesus sees the humor in this blog post!!

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