Strain for the Brain, And 24!!

by | Jun 4, 2023 | Her Story

Today is a big day for me for two reasons:

First,  I was able to walk part of the one-mile survivors walk at the Strain for the Brain run/walk fundraiser for brain cancer, sponsored by Froedtert Hospital.  Fortunately, I had friends and family beside me to keep me going.  The transport chair made things easier as well. I will openly admit I was pretty disappointed in myself as I was only able to actually walk .34 of a mile before I took to the chair. I was actually crying as I crossed the finish line, not from joy, but from total despair at how little I could walk.

Then my family and friends stepped in to remind me that I’m not even done with treatment! So I quickly got over myself and was happy that I even showed up.

The second reason that today is a big day for me is that….


After the race, we went to have brunch at Cafe Benelux.

It dawned on me just today that while today marks 24 years of our marriage, it also marks 24 years of us being legally together as a blended family! So from here on forward, I think we will try to celebrate this anniversary as a family.  We’ve certainly been through so much together! It hasn’t always been easy, but realistically, no relationship is easy all the time.  I will say, one of the things I’m proudest of is that we’ve always gotten through the hard times together as a family.  I always say I knew I wanted 4 kids.  Fortunately for me, I only had to give birth to two of them. Kayla and Zak are not my step-kids.  They are not my “bonus” kids.  They are MY kids, right along with Tommy and Jack.   John feels the same about Tommy.  In fact, he’s the only kid in the family who looks like John! When they are together, people comment “well, we know who your kid is!” This has been going on since Tommy was two and continues to this day. I think Tommy has picked up on some of John’s mannerisms which make them appear similar when together.  That and the blue eyes and dark hair.

I’ve attached a collage of race pics and a few from our wedding day.

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