Laughter is the best medicine

by | Feb 21, 2023 | Her Story

As you’ve seen from my previous post, I’ve been having some fun coming up with who I look like depending on my hair that day. I’ve already posted the Zoolander comparison.

I posted the Bobby Bacalieri on Instagram and when I did that, John got upset. He said he didn’t like my self-deprecating sense of humor and it made him feel bad.  I told him, it made me laugh!

I have to hand it to him, he got over his sorrow and was all on board for the Heat Miser this morning.  I could NOT have pulled this off without him!  We had a blast laughing our butts off on the front porch suffocating on the spray. I have a few more ideas up my sleeve but need to wait a little longer.  My only regret is that I didn’t start this when my head was shaved.  Also, I’m willing to take requests if you have them.

The non-self-deprecating pic is my Fat Tuesday treat.

Paczki’s from Aggies Bakery in West Allis.  If you know, you know!!!! Life is way too short not to enjoy  Paczki (or two) the day before a fast.


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