I have a hole it in

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Recovery

Hey everyone, I’m back,

Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes.  As John advised, Dr. Mueller said the surgery was perfect.

The path is not back yet, but early notes suggest low grade.  Initially, I had zero movement or strength on my left side, but this was not a surprise.  Dr. Park one of the OT docs, said my recovery is nothing short of miraculous.  by day 2 post-op, movement is back and my therapy is going well.  In fact, my PT Rachel said I scored the highest eval this week.  I’m also in OT and speach therapy.  I have what is formally referred to as left side neglect.  I am happy to report that my sense of humor is fully intact.  My new ringtone is “if i only had a brain”.  Dr. Meueller assured me I have a brain  because he’s seen it

I just have a hole in it.

I now walk like The Molly Shannon SNL character Mary Katherine Gallagher where she doesn’t swing her arms when she walks,  But it makes me laugh.  Please pray for the other neuro patients on this floor.  I am so so fortunate to be intact cognitively and feel no fear.  not everyone is in that position.  it’s painful to me to hear these people cry out in fear and frustration.

As you will be able to see in this post and the typos I am struggling with left-side fine motor skills.  it’s irritating but it will come back.  thanks to all who have helped with meals.

My family is blessed!

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